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Contacts in Ukraine

  • Kiev, Chelyabinskaya street, 1, 140
  • +38 (093) 344-89-23
  • admin@grovekit.com
Карта Украины

Contacts in Australia

  • 14 Ellis St, South Yarra VIC 3141
  • +61 3 9867 3400
  • admin@grovekit.com
Карта Австралии

We are trying for You!

We have long been engaged in the organization and preparation for events of any type (weddings, anniversaries, corporate and customer events, team building, family and children's parties).

We perceive every holiday as a project, so if you are looking for a ready and banal solution – it's not for us. We do not work with "typical scenarios" — for any event, our team always comes from scratch to the organization of the project, so our holidays are unforgettable, in the process of preparing the script, we prescribe the exact timing and dozens of times we work out and hone the direction of your upcoming evening.

Let's organize holidays together and get great pleasure from creating something unforgettable, believe the smile of your guests you will remember for a long time!

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Efficiency is our great pride

This means that we not only respond to new applications with lightning speed, but also can think over and organize your holiday from scratch in a short time. We are regularly approached by clients who are in a difficult situation with a short deadline for its solution. Therefore, do not doubt our practical experience of organizing festive events just two days before the scheduled date.